Est. 2022


Project Details

We have decided to take on an opportunity to rejuvenate this home and create a new, modern living space.  With a 25' frontage and 700 sq ft interior, the current lot and footprint of the home do not conform to legal zoning standards, so we are working with the city to allow for a functional 2 story, 3 bedroom floorplan.  The interior has been pulled back to the studs with no insulation, wiring, plumbing or HVAC. We have some work to do to get this home back into shape...
     After creating a plan, we held a consultation with MetroLinks, who have authority over construction within 700' of the train tracks.  They have agreed to allow for a 2nd story on the same footprint, so an application has been submitted to the City of Guelph to allow for the expanded cubic square footage of the current building.  After 6 weeks, we are still waiting for a response, but are hopeful that the city of Guelph will allow us to return this home to functioning part of Guelph's downtown housing supply.

Stay tuned for further updates!